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News: Were Shortlisted!

Business to Arts Awards 2023: Best Creativity in the Workplace Award Shortlist - supported by ESB

With the Business to Arts Awards 2023 just around the corner - we're continuing our profile of the outstanding shortlisted nominees.

This week we're focusing on the Best Creativity in the Workplace Award supported by ESB. This award will recognise a business or organisation that has worked with an arts organisation or artist(s) in an innovative and mutually beneficial way, bringing creativity into the workplace or engaging staff in the arts or a creative process.

This year's shortlisted nominees are:

  • BioMarin and Rachel Doolin for ‘The Giving Tree'

  • Walkers and National Concert Hall for ‘Primary Ensemble Project’

  • Connected Hubs/Western Development Commission and Contemporary Irish Art Society for ‘Art in the Hubs'

  • Hair & Beauty Industry Confederation of Ireland (HABIC), Leitrim County Council Arts Office, and Amanda Jane Graham for ‘The Coiffured'


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