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The 2023 National Arts in Education Portal Day

The 2023 National Arts in Education Portal Day will take place on Saturday, 11 November at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick City in partnership with the Department of Arts Education & Physical Education. The Programme will see a mix of presentations, smaller discussion-led sessions and creative workshops each addressing the special focus of ‘Seldom Heard Voices’ reflecting diversity and inclusion across school communities.

Presentation: Adapting the Lundy Model of Participation in the development of guiding principles for Arts in the EY.

Abstract: Denise Sheridan, Owner/Manager Ulla Beag, along with artist Rachel Doolin and Rhona Sheridan, preschool leader, as they share their experiences in the rollout of the EveryDay Decision Making Framework. The framework, rooted in The Lundy Model of Participation (2007), amplifies the child’s voice as competent and expert. This agency for young children, furthered through a series of immersive collaborative projects with Rachel, led to their active participation in the Guiding Principles for Arts in the Early Years.

See HERE the full programme.


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