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Exhibition: New Era - Solstice Arts Centre

Solstice Arts Centre is delighted to present New Era, an exhibition featuring four Irish artists Rachel Doolin, Siobhán McDonald, Martina O’Brien and Méadhbh O’Connor whose practices explore different aspects of climate change in the natural world. New Era features new and recent works, many of which were produced over the past few months and are being exhibited for the first time at Solstice. The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, cyanotype prints, photography, drawings, prose poetry, film and video works, and includes new spoken word works online.

The world as we know it has changed since March 2020. We are now living in a new era with the reality and trauma of a global Pandemic and a heightened awareness of the challenges of the climate change crisis worldwide. The exhibiting artists are all involved in explorations of climate related issues including biodiversity, ecology, marine geology, solar activity, climate modelling, governance of natural disasters, seed sovereignty and the Anthropocene (recent consequences of our treatment of nature and the environment). Doolin, McDonald, O’Brien and O’Connor have undertaken varied research expeditions to Iceland, Italy, Norway and Switzerland in collaborations with scientists and experts which have informed and expanded their art practices. Future expeditions, research trips and ongoing collaborations of art and science are planned for 2021.

Link to New Era Virtual Exhibition Tour Here.

See New Era Exhibition Catalogue Here.


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