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News: Little Bird Babble is a recipient of a LifeLong Learning Award 2021

Little Bird Babble is a multidisciplinary arts participation project conceived by visual artist Rachel Doolin and designed and delivered alongside collaborators George Hanover (actor) and Fiona Kelleher (musician). Little Bird Babble, a meaningful and inspiring project intended to nurture connections and wellbeing among children and families living in Ashbourne house during lockdown. This project brought joy, connection and richness to the lives of children and their families who lived in Direct Provision during the first lockdown. Every week a package arrived at the specially created Little Bird Babble post box for each child containing exciting activities to help them explore the natural environment outside their windows . Songs were created which named each child in the centre. About 40 children benefited from this. It was a magical inspired project which helped the children hungry for learning and sorely lack the resources to participate in many activities others take for granted.


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