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Feature/Cover - The Fragility of Things

Channel is a new magazine born out of the climate crisis, publishing poetry and prose with an environmentalist perspective.

We believe that humanity’s disengagement from the natural world is one of the great losses of our time, and in the onslaught of climate change we see that disengagement reaching its inevitable conclusion. If Ireland’s history of myths and stories woven from the landscape shows anything, though, it’s that the literary arts have a part to play in rebuilding our relationship with nature.

Our goal at Channel is to provide a space for literary work that fosters re-connection with the natural world. We publish work from Ireland and abroad that displays and celebrates the relationships between plant and animal life, landscape and humanity.

We want words that act as a path, a safe passage wide enough for ideas to flow through. We want words that join human beings and our habitats together.

Link to Irish Times Article Here.

Purchase a copy of CHANNEL Issue 1 Here.


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