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Seeds in SpaceGioia Massa
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Ep.7 - Seeds in Space

Seeds in Space is dedicated to leading interesting conversations around current research in space agriculture.

Delving into aspects of past, current, and future seed developments, this SeedCLOUD episode is narrated by Gioia Massa, a Life Sciences Project Scientist in Space Crop Production at Kennedy Space Center.

Between 2014 and 2016 a Romaine lettuce variety known as ‘Outredgeous’ became the first crop to be grown and eaten in space by NASA astronauts via NASA hardware called the Veggie System. The Veggie concept is a simple low power system designed to grow fresh and nutrient rich food for NASA astronauts to supplement their diet for future space missions.

The Veggie system alongside a more sophisticated growth chamber called the Advanced Plant Habitat are integral to NASA’s Artemis Lunar Exploration Program, which plans to land the first woman and next man on the Lunar surface in 2024, with a view to establishing a sustained presence on the moon by 2028. NASA will leverage its Artemis experience, research and technologies to expand their space exploration and send astronauts to Mars.

Join Gioia Massa, as she analyses, reflects, and offers perspectives on the evolution of space farming, and the factors contributing to its future.

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