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EALTA (Flock)


A Collaboration between visual artist Rachel Doolin and Cork Community Art Link.


EALTA (flock) is a project conceived by artist Rachel Doolin in response to and anticipation of Cork Community Artlink’s St. Patricks Day installation, which has been Inspired by the legend of the Goddess Cliodhna, Patron of Cork and the healing melody of her three other-worldly songbirds.


Cork Community Artlink along with Little Bird Babble artist Rachel Doolin invites all members of the public, children and adults alike to join their virtual FLOCK!

Participants will be invited to find a suitable outdoor spot to create an EARTHBIRD. These curious beasts full of whimsy and wonder will be dotted all over Cork City and County and beyond! Made entirely from found organic matter, an EARTHBIRD is a symbol of hope, healing, togetherness and care. A symbol to be discovered and bring a smile to a passer-by.


A resource sheet will be made available on Cork Community Artlink’s website outlining the details and how to get involved. Rachel Doolin has also made a short animation to inspire your creations!


We can’t wait to see your EARTHBIRDS.

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