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Native SeedsDebbie Gillies
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Ep.6 - Native Seeds

Debbie Gillies is the CEO of True Harvest Seeds based in Kilclief, Co Down, a conservation charity whose work encompasses the collection and preservation of Ireland's indigenous wild flower population.


True Harvest Seeds works alongside landowners and government bodies to assess and create seed collections comprising plant populations of native origin. These collections are stored at their onsite seed bank and are made available to be revived for restoration or research, thus providing a national back up, where native populations may need to be restored in the event of an environmental crisis.



In this SeedCLOUD episode Debbie discusses the importance of the conservation work undertaken at True Harvest seeds, while sharing her insights on the effects of climate change and seed importation on Iocal plant habitats.



To find out more Debbie Gillies and True Harvest Seeds you can visit:

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