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Evolutions of Uncertainty


Description: Series of eight Sculptural Works

Materials: Polyurethane Packaging Foam, Cement, Mortar Plasticiser, Acrylic resin,

grown crystals, stainless steel, limestone.

Dimensions: Variable


Evolutions of Uncertainty is a series of crystalised forms grown using an industrial fertilising solution built upon carved polyurethane forms. Doolin has purposely embedded industrial packaging materials into the formation of the work drawing on the utilitarian function of the material, which is generally designed to preserve or protect, as an allegory for value systems that favour economic productivity over environmental conservation. The sculptures evoke the aesthetic qualities of an earth formed or mineral specimen, making reference to humans as agents of terrestrial transformation as well as the geologic significance of the anthropogenic materials from which the objects have evolved.


The artist further draws on the alluring qualities of crystals as an evocative language. Their diaphanous attributes embodying a sense of wonder, mystery and spiritual transcendence. The very word ‘Crystal’ derives from the ancient Greek word ‘krystallos’ meaning ‘coldness drawn together’ or ‘ice’. Mystics of the past deemed ice to be a source of revelation, believing that through a method of divination known as scrying or crystallomancy ice could reveal our future. Doolin further finds synchronicity in the future telling methodologies of the past and contemporary scientific studies of ice cores, where paleoclimatologists are drawn to the ends of the earth in their quest for knowledge about where our planet has been, where it is, and where it might be going.

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