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The Giving Tree, 2021

Bronze Sculpture Installation

Photo Credit: Jed Niezgoda

The Giving Tree was commissioned to celebrate 10 years of BioMarin in Ireland, marking their commitment to supporting the rare disease community now and in the future.


The Giving Tree is an original artwork inspired by BioMarin’s ‘Tree of Life’ 2019 commission brief. Doolin’s personal interpretation of the Tree of Life aspires to nurture an ‘act of giving’ - to the earth,  the community, the patients and employees,  all of whom are an integral part of the BioMarin ecosystem.


Trees are a significant part of Ireland’s cultural landscape and history, celebrated in the Irish language, mythology and folklore, long before their scientific and environmental values were appreciated or understood.  When the ancient Celts formed a new settlement, they planted a tree in the centre, which they called ‘Crann Bethadh’, meaning ‘Tree of Life’. Crann Bethadh served as an integral and sacred part of the community and provided a sheltered place of assembly for important meetings to be held. The Giving Tree sculpture which consists of 1200 interconnected bronze discs is reflected outside the building with the planting of 1,200 native trees, one for each of the interconnecting discs. The planting has been completed through a partnership with CRANN, Ireland’s National Tree Planting charity organisation.

As part of The Giving Tree, BioMarin commissioned a limited edition series of 600 gifts, extending the project to members of the BioMarin community in honour of their individual contribution to the company.  

Video piece courtesy of Made To Measure Films 

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