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Little Peas Project

Little Peas Project is an early years creative ecology project centred around growing and learning. The project has been designed by visual artist Rachel Doolin in partnership with Irish Seed Savers Association specifically for Graffiti’s BEAG Early Years Arts Programme 2021.


10 centres took part in the Little Peas Pilot Project 2021. Participating centres received a Little Peas Project box containing a pack of pea seeds from Irish Seed Savers, seedling pots, compost and directions for growing the peas. They also received a ‘Pea’ themed story book,  a hand felted pea pod, and an accompanying resource sheet full of creative ideas for ‘Little Peas Play’.


The life cycle of the Pea is approximately 12 weeks from planting to harvesting the peas. Through this process children were encouraged to care for their Little Pea Plant, to watch it grow from seedling to adult, thus learning about life cycles, the wonders of nature and where our food comes from.  Daily rituals were encouraged during the growing process for example Little Peas Storytime, watering, observing, drawing, counting or even singing to their Little Pea Plant.


Little Peas Book Exchange

A Pea themed story book and a prepaid stamped addressed envelope was included in the Little Peas Project Box. Mid-way through the growing cycle all participating centres were prompted via email to put their provided story book into the prepaid envelope and post the package as part of a book exchange. Each centre received a new pea themed book via the organised book exchange. 

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