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For this exhibition Rachel is creating a sculptural installation titled SEEDARIUM. Rachel envisions this work to manifest as a sacred space where viewers will be able to enter, and ponder the beauty and profundity of seeds. For this sculptural piece artist Rachel Doolin and Irish Seed Association would like to invite our community of growers, seed advocates, Individuals, cultivators, weeders, waterers, minders, and seed-savers to be a part of this exhibition.


We are looking for seed contributions for the exhibition, these can be multiple seeds, a seed, or dried seed heads/pods, which are to be exhibited within the SEEDARIUM sculpture. These might be seed/s that resonate with you in some way, maybe you have a particular connection to the seed/s or quite simply because you are drawn to the aesthetic qualities of a particular seed.  We are looking for a wide variety of seeds and/or dried seed heads/pods to become part of the exhibition. These do not necessarily have to be food seeds; however, the artist has asked that they are not too tiny…for example the seeds of a foxglove would be very small but could be exhibited if submitted within the dried seed head.


If you would like to be part of the Heirloom exhibition all you have to do is register your interest by filling in your details via the online Heirloom sign up form at the bottom of the email. The artist will then send you a pack that will include, seed envelopes, information, and a prepaid addressed envelope for you to submit your seed/s to the exhibition. We would love for you to become a part of the exhibition and look forward to receiving your contributions.

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